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All You Need to Know About Frontal's

I can't even begin to tell you how often I hear the following questions:

  • What is a frontal?

  • Should I get a frontal?

  • Will a frontal protect my hair?

  • Will a frontal take my hair out?

  • Are frontals installed with glue or are they sewed in?

  • What technique do you use to install frontals?

  • How do you remove a frontal?

  • How big are frontals?

  • I’m allergic to glue should I get a frontal?

  • I don’t have any edges, should I get a frontal?

  • Does the frontal come with baby hair like I see in your pictures?

  • How long does a frontal installation last?

Well stay tuned because I’m going to answer ALL of your questions in regards to frontals.

What is a frontal?

A frontal is a hair piece that encloses your head. Similar to a closure, but different in that a frontal covers the entire front of your head/hairline. With a frontal, you can pull your hair into a high bun or ponytail with no problem and with it looking amazingly natural, like your real hair. Whereas you may be apprehensive about showing your edges, a frontal covers them and gives you a hairline (see the photo above).

What is the difference between a frontal and a closure?

A closure is often times a 4x4 piece it’s like a perfect square it may vary depending on where you purchase it from, but standard is a 4x4 piece, a frontal goes from ear to ear, your entire front of your head is covered. Both come either in lace or silk based.

Should I get a frontal?

The simple answer is: it depends. Frontals are for people who don’t have edges, they're not really for people who have full edges because it’s a substitute. Notice I said FULL, so if you have edges, and still want to try a frontal, you can and with great results. I definitely suggest frontals, they're the only things I wear. But frontals are a lot of work. Often times, people will get a frontal install thinking that it is similar to a closure in the sense of easy maintenance, but this is very untrue. If you are one that goes for regular hair appointments (meaning every 2-3 weeks even with a sew-in install), then yes, you should try a frontal. If you’re also someone that doesn’t live a very active lifestyle and doesn’t sweat much, you should get a frontal.

But if you’re one to perspire often, or in other words, SWEAT, then a frontal is probably not the best investment for you to make.

Will a frontal protect my hair?

My answer to this is, it can. It all depends on your upkeep, if you get the proper maintenance, proper install and if you remove your frontal properly.

Will a frontal take my hair/edges out?

No, it depends on how you remove your frontal. You must remove it properly. If you remove your frontal as you should, you will have absolutely no problem, you might even see some growth to your edges. But if you snatch it off, yes, your edges will come out, but if you use the suggested products, you will have every single edge that you started with.

Are frontals installed with glue or are they sewed in?

Frontals can be installed both ways. They can be installed with glue or they can be glueless. It all depends on the technique requested and most importantly the technique offered by your professional stylist.

What technique do you use to install frontals?

I currently only offer frontal installs with adhesive/glue. However, I offer glueless frontal units or wigs.

How do you remove a frontal? Can I remove it myself?

It is preferred and probably in your best interest to allow a professional to remove your frontal. To remove a frontal, you need C-22 Adhesive Solvent Spray. This product is an oil in spray form and it helps the frontal come right now. After you have removed your frontal, you will need to use 91% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol basically) to clean your hairline off and completely remove any glue or residue.

How big are frontals?

They aren’t small, but they aren’t big. They go from ear to ear across your hairline.

I’m allergic to glue and adhesive, should I get a frontal?

In short the answer is: NO if you are getting a sew-in installation with a frontal from me. I always ask my clients if they are allergic to glue/adhesive, if the answer is yes, I will NOT install a frontal. If you’re allergic, it will definitely break you out, so stay away!!! It has never happened to any of my clients, but I believe its better to be safe. However, if you opt for the glueless/sew-in option, sure thing! Just make sure you get a glueless frontal installation.

I don’t have any edges, should I get a frontal?

Definitely! It’s less tension on your edges (if glued) and will lay flat. But stay tuned, I have a blog coming soon on how to grow those edges back!

Does the frontal come with baby hair like I see in your picture?

Yes, but I strongly urge customization for that perfect look! I personally offer customization to frontals for an additional fee.

What is the maintenance needed for a frontal installation?

Be very gentle!!! Do not comb, brush or tamper with your frontal excessively. Do not stick anything in it. This is a very delicate piece. The frontal is pretty much a net, so you have to be very careful, it is very easy to put a hole in it.

Can I reuse my frontal?

As long as you take care of it. As I mentioned, its very easy to put a whole in it or ruin or damage the hair piece. Remember it’s an investment, take care of it as much. As long as it’s not cut up and the adhesive is all removed, feel free to reuse your frontal as many times as you like.

Do you bleach the knots of a frontal?

Yes always. I bleach it to match the clients skin/scalp color.

Can I wear my frontal on vacation?

Yes, you can wear it on vacation, your frontal can even get wet, but it can’t get soaked or drenched. So that means, don’t go snorkeling without head gear or expect to get dunked in the pool with no repercussions.

An example for you, if you get in the water, or get dunked or something of that nature, just make sure you don’t tug at it, pull on it or comb it excessively. Instead, comb all your hair to the back, press down on what’s lifting and tie a scarf on your hair. Do not remove the scarf until the area completely dry’s. If you do this, your frontal will stay in place and look fine.

How long does a frontal installation last?

It depends on how you perspire. If you perspire/sweat a lot, it is not going to stay on if it is installed with glue/adhesive. Frontals are not for people who sweat in their head or are really sweaty. If you sweat a lot, it’s not for you because it is not going to stick (if glued). Adhesive and sweat don’t go well together. But overall, frontal installations should last 2-3 weeks (if glued).

In conclusion ladies, overall, your experience with a frontal depends on what type of glue you use and the skill level of your stylist.

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